About BeBe

Brenda2013Growing up and as an adult, I watched a lot of reruns of the I Love Lucy Show. As a child, I watched the show for pure entertainment, but I had no idea that Lucy’s tenacious spirit dwelled in me. My husband lovingly nicknamed me Lucy when we married; for I have a knack for getting myself into some precarious situations like creating a blog for my book Living Life in Reverse while trying to manage my dyslexia and ADD.

I decided to put myself out here in the social media-world because I believe there are others out there like me who have felt as if they were living their lives in reverse. I believe exposing my insecurities is a risk worth taking, especially if I’m able to help at least one person move forward.

As a social worker, overcoming fear is something I encourage homeless veterans to do every day. Over the years I have been honored to work with a diverse group of people who have had to overcome some extraordinary circumstances. The resilience of these courageous people has become my blueprint for living my life forward, and it is my hope that my blog will touch each of them and others in some meaningful way.

Lucy would be proud of me for I am not allowing my disabilities and fears to stifle me and/or silence me any longer. I took the risk to expose my learning disabilities to write my book Living Life in Reverse and this blog serves as an extension of my continuous journey to overcome my fears.


5 thoughts on “About BeBe

  1. You are an inspiration. Overcoming fear isn’t just a one time thing, it’s a lifestyle! You are living it and learning your wisdom is a precious gift. Thank you for sharing! xx

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