Reverse is a metaphor for life’s stressors that holds us back from moving forward. This page allows you to share your thoughts and feelings about those things that keep you stuck in the past as if you are living your life in reverse.


8 thoughts on “Reverse

    • “If people are going to be allowed to say “we love you” or “I love you, then they should have the backbone to prove it. Love is more than a word”.

  1. Brenda, just reading the review of what your book is about has me thinking about how I unknowingly have lived my life in reverse. This book is going to be an eye opener for me where I hope to find a way to reverse some things in my life. Can’t wait to read it!!!

  2. Kalisha, you are absolutely right. Mix messages have a way of impeding and devaluing our relationships. In fact, the word loses its power and can become meaningless. For some, the word I love becomes a defense mechanism to manage emotional stress. It’s an unconscious response to stress, but it hurts nevertheless. Julia A. Boyd wrote a book called, “In the Company of my Sisters.” In this book she talks candidly about mix messages and how they impacted our relationships with the people we love. Check it out on

  3. Terri, you’ve already started the process of moving forward by acknowledging you have been living life in reverse in areas of your life. Continue moving forward, and I hope my book can help you on your journey.

    • Yes Brenda, you are right! Mixed messages can definitely damage a relationship in so many ways. I will check out the book you referenced. I can’t wait to read your book too! I’m so excited!

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